Multi Room Audio Video

Muti Room Audio Video

A flat-screen TV, DVD or Blueray player with a surround sound system are now almost expected in the average persons home. Even multiple TV’s in different rooms is commonplace, but most are stand-alone units. A multi-room audio and video system links them all and using integrated speaker systems can provide sound from one unit all over the house. How cool would it be to have your PC or tablet playing tracks from your iTunes library downstairs, whilst you’re sat in the bath upstairs listening to it through a speaker in the ceiling, or relaxing in your garden and listening to it through speakers that look like garden stones? One CASA URBANE deal with a number of major manufacturers that supply a range of high-quality products that will always be at the forefront of this ever-changing industry. Some of the key features of the Multi-Room Audio/Video System are: • Total Control of music or TV in any room in your house • Play different or the same music in different rooms • Wireless or wall mounted control pads • Use of smartphone or tablet to control your system