Aluminium Doors & Windows

Aluminium Doors &Windows

While building or renovating a house, doors and windows are often the last things to be considered or worked upon. What we tend to forget is that door s and windows occupy almost half of the total surface of the house. However, when you finally decide to work on them, you might end up being confused among the numerous options of materials to choose from, each seeming to be better than the other. Since the last few years, there has been a considerable amount of increase in the demand of aluminium door s and windows. Slim line aluminium windows with Maximized Visibility & Minimized Frame and with nearly non-existent frames is a product with great versatility and a minimal aluminium windows design which is suitable f or every environment, bringing surrounding beauty clearly into focus. These minimal systems are the latest in line of the aluminium doors & windows. There is a plethora of that advantages aluminium doors and windows provide over the regular wooden ones.


Having carved its inception in the year 1973, SAUC has proven to be the rising sun in the design and development of Aluminium doors and windows. Over 40 years of experience in the field has helped us to understand the integrities and become the best at what we do. We at SAUC believe that excellence is the gradual result of always striving to be better. Our never-ending passion for our field has guided us towards intensive research, varying trials, and errors to discover the new, deeper engrossment into understanding materials in and out as well as enthusiastic sales and customer relationship building.