Home Automation

Home Automation

Control your whole property with intelligent technology. Connect your security, lighting, blinds, air conditioners, fans, music, and TV—and control them from smart switches, intuitive touch panels, mobile phone or tablet, voice command and control the system connected devices remotely through the internet .

Benefits of Home Automation

The reason home automation is so important is that it offers homeowners tangible benefits that go beyond simple convenience. These are a few of the advantages that 'smart homes' have to offer in addition to saving you time 1. DESIGN - Smart home system provides aesthetic, suitable for the overall design line of the house and replaces the large amount of switches scattered on the walls. 2. CONVENIENCE AND COMFORT - Operate lighting, fan, AC, blinds and other electrical products with one click and from anywhere! 3. ENERGY SAVING - The operation of electrical appliances at home according to a schedule and the integration of sensors can save up to 30% of the electricity costs 4. INCREASED SAFETY - A smart home system operates with low voltage that does not pose a danger to human life. 5. ENHANCED SECURITY - A home automation system will allow you to check—and change, if necessary—the status of your locks and security system remotely. Also, many systems allow remote monitoring of your home security cameras. 6. PEACE OF MIND - With home automation technology, you can know what’s happening inside your home at all times. 7. COMMAND AND CONTROL - You can control and control what happens at home from anywhere in the world at any given moment.

Schneider Electric Home Automation

Schneider Electric SE (Societas Europaea) is a European multinational company providing energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. It addresses homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure, and industries, by combining energy technologies, real-time automation, software, and services.

Panasonic Home Automation

Over the last five decades, Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly known as Anchor Electricals) has managed to capture the attention of every citizen in this country. It started with a humble vision of manufacturing electrical products of outstanding quality at a time when the market involving electrical switches or wiring devices was handled by the unorganized sector.